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photo of cover of Oct 2015 issue of Storytelling Magazine Lorraine’s original story, The Magic Pumpkin Seeds, inspired by an old Korean folktale was published in the Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Storytelling Magazine.

Lorraine’s article, Sisterly Camaraderie: Writing Women of the Catskills, is included in the summer 2015issue of Catskill Made: TRIBES. Catskill Made is a beautiful digital journal that celebrates the arts in the Catskills.


Photo of book cover 'Wisdom in the Telling' Wisdom in the Telling: Finding Inspiration and Grace in Traditional Folktales and Myths Retold
By Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi

Winner of the 2008 Storytelling World Resource Award for Special Storytelling Resources

Stories have always been important in our lives. We laugh at the antics of the fool, we are moved by the plight of the serving girl, we travel with the hero on his journey and we know that long ago and far away others listened to the same stories and also laughed and cried. Their underlying message of spiritual transformation is subtle and significant.

The stories retold in this book reveal the universality of all human beings, reminding us that we are not alone; they show different aspects of the transformation of spirit that we can all experience through the telling of stories. From many cultures and faith traditions (including Irish, Scottish, English, European, Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern) each, in its own way, teaches us about ourselves, providing us with lessons learned through the fantastic that can be used in the everyday. These tales of transformation contain jewels of wisdom about: creativity and truth, compassion and prayer, using what you have, hospitality, being satisfied with your life, and remaining true to your dreams.

Readers of any age will find these stories enlightening, refreshing and deeply satisfying.

Praise for This Book

"This is no ordinary book of retold folktales. Hartin-Gelardi has expanded, fleshed out, relocated, revised, and even, in some cases, changed the endings in these 20 tales gleaned from around the world and from various faith traditions. Literary in quality, her retellings present new stories and expose hidden possibilities and unsuspected relevancies in familiar ones."
Jo Radner, Booknotes in Storytelling Magazine, March/April 2007

"A cornucopia of human connection and understanding through the power of story. Kudos to Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi!"
Pleasant DeSpain, award-winning storyteller and syndicated columnist for the Seattle Times

"Talking flames, Mount Olympus and miracles—a treasure chest of riches for the human heart. These traditional tales bear the gifts of truth and compassion and inspire us to act from the place of our better angels."
Michael J. Caduto, author, Abraham's Bind & Other Bible Tales of Trickery, Folly, Mercy and Love; and coauthor, Keepers of the Earth series

"Captures the power that tales have for us. The themes of generosity, kindness and compassion resonate deep."
Marni Gillard, author, Storyteller, Storyteacher

"Spellbinding.—Brings a keen intelligence, a deep appreciation and an obvious wealth of professional experience to this collection. [She] opens our eyes to the common human heritage of all the world's people as well as to our own personal humanity."
Jack Maguire, author, Creative Storytelling and The Power of Personal Storytelling

"I was so disappointed when I got to the end of Wisdom in the Telling -- I wanted Lorraine to go on telling me MORE stories. Now, I keep this book on my nightstand. If I have a rough day, I reread one of her stories so I end my day on a positive note."
Kate Dudding, an award-winning storyteller

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An Excerpt         The Squire’s Party -- A Sufi Story Retold

Every year the squire threw a big party for all the people in his little village in the Irish countryside to prove his magnanimity and reinforce his good opinion of himself. Even the tenants on his farms were invited to join in the festivities. When the day of the gala arrived, the squire sent his servants through the village and into the fields to remind everyone to come and join in the night’s revelry. Late in the day, the servants arrived at Patrick Reilly’s place and they found him digging potatoes out of his field. “Patrick,” they shouted, “have you forgotten about the squire’s party? Get out of the field and get ready.”

Patrick put down his hoe and went inside to wash up. He scrubbed the dirt from underneath his fingernails as best he could, combed his hair, and kicked the soil from his brogans. Then he started the long walk down the lane toward the squire’s fine house. When he arrived at the front door, the party was in full swing. The servants took one look at Patrick’s coarse attire and exclaimed, “Patrick, you can’t come in here dressed like that!”

“What do you mean?” asked Patrick.

“Look at your clothes—they’ve still got the dirt of the field on them,” said the servants.

“Oh,” said Patrick, looking down at his everyday pants. He turned around and made the long walk back home. Patrick took out the only other clothes he possessed, a suit that he wore to weddings, funerals and the fair, a white shirt and a red tie. He put them on and returned to the squire’s house. This time when the servants saw Patrick all dressed up, they opened up the front door and ushered him in...

Excerpt is from Wisdom in the Telling: Finding Inspiration and Grace in Traditional Folktales and Myths Retold © 2006 by Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi (Woodstock, VT: SkyLight Paths Publishing). Permission granted by SkyLight Paths Publishing, P.O. Box 237, Woodstock, VT 05091

This book was published in September, 2006.


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