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"Lorraine lavished her great talent and unbelievable magnetism on the 2007 Adirondack Mountain Writers’ Retreat and Story Workshops, in both her Story Concert performance and her workshop “Listening to the Echoes: Creating Original Stories from Traditional Folktales.” The workshop participants were mesmerized by her storytelling and enchanted at the prospect of venturing into the realm of adapting folktales for retelling. She made a strong case for the value of folktales as tools for understanding both literature and life itself, and helped workshop participants feel empowered to utilize them. Storytellers and writers alike find gold in this workshop. As one participant said, 'It was sheer magic!' ”
Perky Granger, co-organizer, Fiction Among

"Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi is a storyteller’s storyteller! Each time she steps center stage to tell a story, be it personal, traditional, or a world folktale, she demonstrates how a master storyteller helps people grow whole as human beings by enabling them to see with their mind’s eye."
Barbara Aliprantis, curator, New York STORY Exchange, Cornelia Street Cafe

"Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi inspires and educates with stories of finding the light in the darkest of situations. She teaches that 'the kindness of strangers' comes in unexpected guises. Her commanding narration and animation engages all the senses. Lorraine's audience can smell, see, hear, touch and practically taste the circumstances that her well defined characters find themselves when encountering life's vagaries."
Nick Zaharakos, short story writer

"With Lorraine, a story is in the most capable of hands. She has a respect for the story and for the audience that makes her exceptional in her field. I was privileged enough to see her many years ago at an event geared to adults. I knew then, that I had to share her with my 6th grade students. For the past 8 years, she has put together a family program for Halloween. Each year we talk about the group of students and she tailors the program to their needs and interests. She couples research and knowledge about her field with a contagious enthusiasm and our school year would not be the same without her!"
Karin Armstrong, Haviland Middle School, Hyde Park, NY

"Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi's expressive face and gestures season the words and sounds of her stories. She is mesmerizing. The energy she generates with an audience is perceptible, it warms and fills the space, as does the laughter and the smiles it produces. She's remembered well by our audience. We've been pleased and privileged to have her as a storyteller at Story Sundays at the Glen Sanders Mansion, Scotia, NY."
Joe Doolittle, Producer, Story Sundays, an adult storytelling dinner series, Scotia, NY

"Our People As Reading Partners (PARP) program got off to wonderful start thanks to Lorraine. Her expressive style makes her tales come to life. She truly captivated our students, transporting them into the center of the action."
P.A.R.P. Committee, Alden Place Elementary and Elm Drive Elementary, Millbrook, NY

"I admired her depth of feeling when she spoke. It was the same message as the scripture, but told a different way."
Charlotte Winsheimer, National Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, Maryland

Click here to read a summary of an article about Lorraine telling at the 2006 Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women.

"Whether it's telling Tall Tales or revealing your mask on the island of magic, Lorraine invites you to places in your imagination that ask, “what is real?" It was a wonderful time for the children and I thank you very much."
Gretchen Werner, Summer Reading Program, Starr Library, Rhinebeck, NY

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