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Photo of Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi, Storyteller A popular and dynamic storyteller, Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi has been presenting story programs and conducting workshops in libraries since 1993. Her extensive repertoire allows her to work with librarians to develop programs for listeners of all ages - for specific age groups as well as family audiences. Lorraine particularly enjoys combining art and story in unique hands-on workshops for children and adults.

Lorraine has a variety of story programs and workshops for all ages:

Early Childhood Programs
Workshops for Adults
Workshops for Librarians

One World, Many Stories - 2011 Summer Reading Program     new

Dive right in and choose one of these creative programs to add energy and enthusiasm to your summer reading program.

Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi finds the experience of sharing stories through the spoken word to have a profound power to enlighten and educate. Her eclectic mix of tales enables her to tell stories to all manner of audiences. Lorraine particularly enjoys combining art and story in unique hands-on workshops for children and adults.

Stories from Near and Far
Climb aboard Storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi’s magic carpet and travel around the world as you listen to stories from as far away as India and Indonesia and as close as your own imagination!

Cinderfella and the Sisters Ugly - New Ways to Tell Old Tales
Join storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi for a fun, participatory workshop using familiar stories to tell new tales! Listen to Lorraine spin an updated version of a well-known fairy tale then learn how to make up your own adaptation. We’ll play with the personality of the hero, add unique details and decide if the right ending for the story is really “happily ever after.”

Be the Hero of Your Own Life -Finding Your Place in Family Stories
Every family has a collection of stories, sayings, photos, objects, memories and customs that make them unique. Storyteller Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi will help children become “story detectives” and search out the answers to questions such as “What was the worst meal you ever cooked?” “What is the best vacation you had as a family?” “How did you get your name?” Children will develop techniques for exploring family history and ways to share their stories with others.

Long Ago When I Was Little - A Family Story Celebration
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi will share personal stories about her family and will talk about the importance of the role of “memory keepers” in families. Parents and children are encouraged to bring family memorabilia, photos, and mementoes. Children and parents will have time to share their stories.

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Listening to the Echoes
The powerful images found in folktales resonate within the human heart and allow us to connect to our deepest longings. These images also provide an amazing source of inspiration for teen and adult writers and storytellers. By focusing on the imagery in folktales, we can stimulate our imagination and improve our access to personal creativity. Stories told by Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi provide the basis for a variety of exercises including guided imagery, journaling, and discussion. Participants will develop a list of story starters and learn techniques for continuing stories.

"Lorraine lavished her great talent and unbelievable magnetism on the 2007 Adirondack Mountain Writers’ Retreat and Story Workshops, in both her Story Concert performance and her workshop “Listening to the Echoes: Creating Original Stories from Traditional Folktales.” The workshop participants were mesmerized by her storytelling and enchanted at the prospect of venturing into the realm of adapting folktales for retelling. She made a strong case for the value of folktales as tools for understanding both literature and life itself, and helped workshop participants feel empowered to utilize them. Storytellers and writers alike find gold in this workshop. As one participant said, 'It was sheer magic!' ”
Perky Granger, co-organizer, Fiction Among Friends.com

A Workshop for Librarians

StoryPlay: Story Hour as the Doorway to Literacy
This is a participatory workshop for children’s librarians and pre-school teachers focusing on storytelling and emergent literacy.

"Whether it's telling Tall Tales or revealing your mask on the island of magic, Lorraine invites you to places in your imagination that ask, “what is real?" It was a wonderful time for the children and I thank you very much."
Gretchen Werner, Summer Reading Program, Starr Library, Rhinebeck, NY

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